When was the last time you reviewed your organizational chart? It may be time to dust it off and take a look. For example, a $5 million company looks quite a bit different than a $10 million company. If you operate a $5 million company, your organizational chart should be a vision for what a $10 million company looks like, not a history lesson of what got you to where you are. Here are some tips to help you think bigger and earn freedom:

Circles. Start by creating circles under operations roles and circles under sales roles. Fill in each position necessary to operate a business that is achieving $10 million. Remember the focus is on roles and positions, not names of people in your company. When you started your business, these 15-16 circles were there, you just did all the roles! As your company grows, more and more people will be hired to fill the roles you least like doing.

Delegate. This exercise allows you to delegate the tasks that you tend to put off. Once all the positions are on the sheet, take a red pen and mark the initials of a current employee who primarily serves each role. You will find that each person at $5 million most likely serves two to three roles. As the business grows, so will your staff. Meet with your staff and review your chart. Ask them what role they like best and are most productive in. Hire to fill the gaps. If your initials are next to more than three to four circles, you most likely are spending entirely too much time “in” the business.

Dream. When you are growing, it is hard to envision your company twice its current size. So, you will have to dream a little and get creative. Even if you cannot “afford” a position at the present time, don’t let that hinder your vision. As sales increase, the positions will be filled. By the time you have everyone trained; you will have “worked yourself out of a job.”

Review. Once this exercise is on paper, keep in handy where you can review it and track your progress. As your company starts to feel growing pains, you can use it as your road map to success. 

These are just a few ideas that are outside of the box ways to create a vision for your company. I would love to hear some of your success stories. Email me at mketterman@gotyoufloored.com to share!