Miami — Indusparquet USA has added two new distribution partners for its U.S. east coast business. Indusparquet currently partners with JJ Haines for a majority of the eastern seaboard; Haines will remain in a dual distribution role. Derr Flooring of Willow Grove, Pa., has been granted distribution rights for Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Custom Wholesale Floors, based in Jacksonville, Fla., will assume distribution rights in North and South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. These changes are effective as of October 1.

According to Jodie Doyle, Indusparquet’s vice president of sales and marketing, the new distribution partners are a solid fit for what the company represents today and the changing vision for Indusparquet in 2020 and beyond.

“We are a mature company inside a mature category, so the opportunity for Indusparquet to add two high-quality distributors like Derr and Custom Wholesale Floors is a huge bonus for what we are trying to accomplish,” said Doyle. “Both companies are highly respected in their markets and take the wood business seriously. Their expertise and passion for hardwood and the category will enable our company to tell the new Indusparquet story.”

Rick Holden, COO at Derr Flooring, added, “Derr Flooring is very excited to distribute the complete Indusparquet line in most of our footprint. Their commitment to manufacturing highest-quality products complements our philosophy of offering the best to our customer base. We are proud that Indusparquet and Derr Flooring are both multi-generational, family-run businesses. In addition, they have a tremendous commitment to producing environmentally-responsible products, a major selling point we will present to customers.”

Joe DuPree Jr., COO at Custom Wholesale Floors, added, “At Custom Wholesale Floors, our history is rooted in hardwood flooring, and we share that commonality with Indusparquet. In today’s flooring world of replicating wood ‘looks’ using non-wood materials, we are proud to offer Indusparquet’s 'Real Hardwood Flooring' to knowledgeable customers who want the real thing. Further, the ‘exotic species’ story and the ability to offer these species in a wide-width plank with a brushed surface and matte finish, gives us a proprietary advantage over the overly saturated European Oak market. We are excited to be working with Indusparquet and to tell our story.”

Indusparquet has been making product changes to its running line offering, centered around developing the species, visuals, and quality that today’s consumers demand. The “Exotics Reimagined” campaign will be geared towards ensuring that the distributor, retailer, and consumer all understand the unique benefits offered by exotic hardwood flooring and developing new looks that meet the demands of consumers.

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