Launching the next generation moisture mitigation system, Eco-MVR 100 provides advanced protection against the effects of Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT).

Eco-MVR 100 not only offers a greater level of defense against concrete moisture vapor damage, but also helps reduce costs, downtime and waste with its one coat application. The system's epoxy formulation can withstand very high moisture vapor emission rates (MVER) of up to 99% in-situ relative humidity per ASTM F2170, even when applied to concrete that is less than 28 days old.

For use under any flooring that cannot tolerate more than 75% in-situ RH, as well as environmentally- and user-friendly, Eco-MVR 100 complies with SCAQMD VOC regulations and can contribute to LEED v4 Indoor Air Quality credits.

"Being able to safeguard our floor surfaces from the negative effects of very high moisture vapor emission rates–and to do that in a single coat application–is a great accomplishment," said Peter Kirton, vice president of Tennant Coatings, "This offers our approved contractors a significant advantage over the competition in both shorter installation times as well as overall system performance."

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