Tracy, Calif. -- Merrill West High School is part of the Tracy Unified School District, located on the northwest of Tracy, Calif. A four-year public school since the early 1990s, Merrill West High School is known for their wide range of sports offerings. From water polo to golf, tennis to cross country, students have many athletic options. This school is also known for their sense of community. Their student body is affectionately referred to as the “wolfpack,” rallied together by the school’s mascot. Students proudly blazon colors of vibrant gold and deep navy blue in support of their sports teams.

During the summer of 2019, the school completed a turf renovation project for the Merrill West High School Field. The project began in March of 2019 and was completed in July. The school’s existing synthetic turf field was in need of repair and Shaw Sports Turf was able to provide a product with superior look, feel, and performance. The school’s decision to go with Shaw Sports Turf for their turf field renovation project was rooted in the high quality of product, overall cost, and flexibility to work with their timeline as a school.

“The product was chosen for its performance and costs,” said Jaime Quintana, director of facilities and planning, Tracy Unified School District. “Also, working with the Shaw Sports Turf team was truly ideal as they were willing to make the project happen with the short time frame.”

The school installed 77,500 square feet of Shaw Sport Turf’s Legion Pro 2.0 synthetic turf. Legion is a combination of high-performance monofilament fibers and a durable slit film fiber. The slit film fiber is a workhorse which will handle the workload, while the monofilament provides a more resilient surface that enhances performance characteristics. Legion Pro uses Bolt, a lightning bolt shaped monofilament fiber. Legion Pro also features optimized face weight for performance and infill flyout control.

The school’s new synthetic turf field will be used for football, soccer, and physical education classes.

Beyond the benefits for the school’s athletic team performance, the student body and community are also enjoying the new Shaw Sports Turf field.The newly installed field saw its first use under the “Friday night lights” with the WHS Wolf-Pack football team earlier this September.

“The new sport field has brought back the team spirit and competitiveness that WHS is known for,” said Quintana. “The sports field provides both community and students with a sense of pride.”

“I’m happy Shaw Sports Turf could be involved with the Tracy Unified School District," said Matthew Cohen, territory manager, Shaw Sports Turf. "It was great to work with the school district and the Merrill F. West High School athletic department to make the project happen. This will be something the school can be proud of for years to come."

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