Dalton, Ga. -- Shaw Industries Group Inc. is hosting a webinar with Sustainable Brands on Oct. 17 at 1 p.m. [EST] with diverse organizations intently focused on products and initiatives that support the wellbeing of people and the planet. The webinar will explore what is driving their efforts, the challenges they’ve faced, keys to success and what’s on the horizon.

Moderated by Susan Farris, vice president of sustainability and corporate communications at Shaw, panelists include: Perkins and Will’s Material Performance Lab Co-Director, Mary Dickinson; HeiQ Group's Co-founder & CEO, Carlo Centonze; and Healthy Building Network's Collective Impact Director, William Weber.

A global architecture and design firm that ignited an industry movement toward healthy building materials in 2008, Perkins and Will's Material Performance Lab continues to lead research and educate design professionals on how to choose healthier, more sustainable products. HeiQ Group is a leader in textile innovation that helps textile brands and manufacturers quickly identify, target and manufacture novel technologies, including groundbreaking work on IKEA’s air purifying curtain concept. Healthy Building Network is an organization dedicated to advancing human and environmental health who, in conjunction with the Housing Partnership Network, helps encourage the adoption of healthier materials in the affordable housing sector.

“At Shaw, we put people at the center of sustainability--what we call sustain[HUMAN]ability," said Farris. "It’s why we’re focused on the ingredients that go into products and the impacts of sound, moisture, and other design elements so we can create a better future. We believe in a future comprised of spaces and places that support the wellbeing of people and the planet. This webinar provides the opportunity for attendees to learn from others’ successes and innovations as well as the challenges they faced in the process.”

Attendees will: gain insights into the trends that are driving companies, nonprofits/NGOs and others to focus on people at the core of their sustainability efforts; understand common obstacles to change and innovation and how to overcome them; and learn about the value of leveraging partnerships to achieve sustainability objectives.

Prospective attendees can register for free here.

For more information, visit shawinc.com.