Northann Distribution Center and Benchwick Construction Products announced plans to launch its ultra-high definition, direct digital print Benchwick flooring and wall coverings in the U.S., Canada and Europe to meet high demand.

Benchwick began in 2013 and has perfected ultra-high definition direct printing technology on its waterproof Blue Eleven ultra-stable rigid core and PVC-free EScore. Over one million flooring and wall panels have already been produced in 2019.

“Through our proprietary technology, we have engineered a game-changer in terms of unsurpassed realism, color and detail that is twice the resolution of others,” said Richard Abiali, vice president of sales and development. “There’s nothing else like it.”

In addition to its ultra-high definition direct printing process, the Benchwick collection features a number of other industry advancements, thanks to its in-house R&D division. Among Benchwick firsts are Digital Synchronized Effect (DSE) that provides a realistic look and feel, Infinite Glass, a transparent UV protective layer, and ArmorDual, made with sapphire crystals for the perfect abrasion resistance.

Benchwick flooring and wall coverings range from AC2 to AC5 for residential (limited lifetime warranty) and light commercial (15 to 25-year warranties). The four product series in the Benchwick collection vary in size, offering planks and tiles with groutless seams that come standard with clic installation, although styles can also be ordered as glue down. All Benchwick products feature no pattern repeats in 200 sq. ft and are FloorScore certified.

“We think of ourselves as a technology company that produces superior interior surfaces, not a flooring company that uses a little technology,” said Abiali. “Because of that, we bring our customers a better product, quicker order fulfillment, minimal delivery times, fewer imperfections and more customization possibilities.”

Benchwick U.S.A. will be at the NAFCD 2019 Annual Convention, (booth #610), Nov. 12 - 14.

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