Benchwick, a brand of Northann Distribution Center Inc., announced the formal introduction of its new design innovation, TruBevel. The company had begun development of the technology prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and successfully completed its work in spite of the pandemic, according to Ken Li, CEO.

“The bevel has long been a desirable design element in LVP flooring,” commented Li. “That’s because bevels provide a refined, finished appearance to the overall installation. So, we’ve taken bevel design to the next level, and in so doing, solved some performance issues in the process, as well.”

TruBevel Technology joins Infinite Glass, DSE synchronized textures and ArmorDual protection as the latest innovative advancement from Benchwick.

Various issues that have plagued traditional bevel design include overlapped paint, fake vision and limited shapes. The patent pending Benchwick approach to beveling eliminates all of those and other issues while allowing customers to choose from a variety of bevel aesthetics, such as saw cut, grout line, wood bevel and others.

“Our TruBevel Technology can make the visual design and performance of plank beveling more meaningful and impactful to the overall floor or wall installation. We believe this will redefine how beveling is perceived by designers going forward, plus open up a range of distinctive looks for our customer’s products,” observed Li.

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