In Marsala in the Province of Trapani, architects Piero Laudicina and Maurizio Giammarinaro have showcased the properties of Margraf marble by making it one of the key interior and exterior materials in the new P8 villa. This divine spot basks in the warm Sicilian sunshine and the light reflects on the white, bush-hammered Pietra Ducale marble flooring inside, which is juxtaposed with the unique elegance of brushed Grigio Antracite flooring.

The project revolves around links and contrasts between the interior and the exterior, lights and shadows. Marble performs the architectural function of underlining the perfect harmony between the spaces with playful intertwining effects. The shades of dark grey from inside extend seemingly randomly towards the lighter hues of the outdoor flooring and vice versa.

Marble takes center stage in the sophisticated design, which strives to bring out the very best of the entire villa through exceptional attention to detail. The tailored workmanship in the bathrooms makes this plain to see, with features such as the tops, basins, and shower trays that are flush with the floor, as does the kitchen, where the vein-matched wall cladding and top are flawlessly fused with the flooring.

The project uses approximately 300 m² of marble: 140 m² of bush-hammered Pietra Ducale marble with brushed Grigio Antracite marble inserts, free-length versions with double widths outside and 100 m² of brushed Grigio Antracite marble with brushed and bush-hammered Pietra Ducale marble inserts, free-length versions with double widths inside, as well as a brushed Grigio Antracite marble, with Bianco Thassos composite stone marble box basin, formed by pieces that were cut and glued at 45° for the bathroom countertop and brushed Grigio Antracite marble, with vein-matched side joined at 45° in the kitchen.

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