The scallop or fish-scale shaped tile trend is one that’s both current and nostalgic. The curved edges bring a softened touch and textured surface that can be refrained or emboldened depending on material and color. These Walker Zanger collections take advantage of this playful shape, striking a balance in design styles and providing a cornerstone to a room’s comfort, livability and artfulness.

Robert A.M. Stern
This collection offers statement scalloped tiles to add a natural tone to living spaces. The ceramic tile collection is inspired by the firm’s architectural designs, highlighting sculptural integrity with artistic ease.

Pietta Donovan Buderim
This collection of brightly colored scalloped shaped tiles evokes emotion and boldness. The cement tiles are stacked to create a confident boost of color and pattern on walls or surfaces, refreshing the space from within.

New Walker Zanger Studio Glass
The recycled glass tiles in the Walker Zanger Studio line flaunt clean sophistication intertwined with visual detail and intricacy. The Bianco Vetro Fan mosaic is elevated in style while being soft in shape; scalloped edges cut natural veining to create an artistic element to a luxurious space.

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