The collection MeisterParquet Longlife PS 500 translates the classic herringbone look into the present. With the generous strip format (measuring 710 x 142 mm), the installed surface looks timeless, homey and modern. Colors include light colors in off-white limed oak, warm oak and or American walnut. The finish of the strips is either matt lacquered or naturally oiled, and there are three different gradings: vital includes larger, filled-in knots and cracks for a natural and authentic character; lively is filled-in knots and cracks, and a play of color and structure for a lively overall picture; and harmonious, which is a calm look with few small knots.

Thanks to its HDF middle layer, the flooring is suited for underfloor heating (even with floating installation), is particularly quiet thanks to the higher dead weight of the planks and is characterized by improved indentation stability. 

All Meister herringbone floors are equipped with the patented Unizip click system for floating installation. In contrast to conventional click connections with herringbone floors, there are no A and B planks, but only a single type of plank. This minimizes waste and makes installation easier—either the longitudinal tongue or groove can point in the direction of laying, since the same profile is on both head sides of the strip.