Anderson Tuftex recently released a new line of cleaning products, one for hard surfaces and one for carpet and rugs. Anderson Tuftex cleaners are thoughtfully created to ensure floors last for years to come.

The cleaners be used safely on multiple surfaces, not just floors. The hard surface cleaner is suitable for finished, unwaxed hardwood, ceramic, laminate, and resilient flooring while the carpet stain and soil remover cleaner is safe and approved for use on stain-resistant carpets and rugs, including wool products and water-safe fabrics such as clothing, furniture, and automobile upholstery.

The formula in both cleaners is Cradle to Cradle Certified and contain the safest possible ingredients based upon evaluation of potential risks to health and the environment (e.g. Low VOCs, No Fluoro/Chloro Chemicals, No Carcinogens). All raw materials, including packaging, are sourced with the goal of material reutilization (recycling) and sustainability, and obtained from sources committed to the use of renewable energy sources and reduction of their carbon footprint. They also incorporate responsible water stewardship and social fairness in both their manufacturing and in the sourcing of both raw materials and packaging.

Anderson Tuftex cleaners are available in 4 oz. or 32 oz. bottles and can be purchased on Anderson Tuftex's website. Flooring retailers interested in purchasing for their store can purchase them from their Anderson Tuftex sales representative.

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