The newest Hokanson for Scott Group Studio rug collection, the Empire Collection is a tribute to the Art Deco movement, inspired by the era's simplicity of line and purity of shape with five styles: Karri, Laiton, Bloc, Bricka and Latta. As was true to the movement, each style is characterized by geometrics, stepped forms, sweeping curves and bold colors. The collection is a look at classic Deco architecture and design of the early 20th century, translated into a fresh, modern aesthetic.

When incorporated into spaces, curved shapes inherently soften the impact of their surroundings while also providing comfort. With an arched form and simple linear structure, Karri provides a modern, streamlined pattern in eye-catching bold hues. Initially inspired by the exuberance of a skyscraper’s metal crown, Laiton emulates the long forms with geometric patterning and curved surfaces. Symmetrical patterns play off the distinctive style which translates into a fresh, contemporary design.

From opulent materials like silver and jade to industrial items such as chrome and wood, a variety of resources contributed to the Deco look. Bloc emulates the true craftsmanship of that era with an inspired, modern twist that is elegant, glamorous and functional. Created with a distinctive, modern-stepped design, Bricka provides a monochromatic, abstract scheme that presents both sophisticated and luxurious style. Deco motifs celebrate a powerful and confident look with strong, structural details. Latta incorporates these formal shapes, less free space, and a more industrial feel that is timeless and modern.

As a Hokanson for Scott Group Studio collection, each rug is hand knotted in Asia and are available in custom colorways and sizes. The Karri style is available in two color ways: Ochre and Blush.

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