The Simas Space located in the Porta Venezia district, a neighborhood where there are plenty of liberty houses, more than in other areas of Milan, occupies the second floor of an industrial style building and was first inaugurated in 2005, among the first of this kind in Milan. The space has been now completely redesigned with a new structure, more in accordance with the evolution of the company's brand.

“We have the strong conviction that the Simas Space in Via Melzo is a further instrument for the growth of our company, especially in a town like Milan, capital of design and essentially the international landmark for architect studios as well as Italian and foreign customers,” said Marco Giuliani, Simas CEO. “We believe in the potential of this place in terms of visibility and service, and this is why we deemed it a priority to invest in its restyling, entrusting Arch. Giancarlo Angelelli of the architectural and exhibition project.”

A completely renewed open space on a single level, generous amounts of light enters from the ample arc windows, thanks to the absence of internal walls and special lighting of the place. More than a showroom, the Simas Space is a meeting place for professionals, architects, designers, buyers, and journalists who, can receive constant updates about Simas wide range of products and collections. Also, thanks to its location, significant in terms of labor and value, the new concept matches its functionality as a workshop for meetings and professional trainings and seminars.

“The project aimed to give a new value to the place," said Giancarlo Angelelli, architect, "and recover its original function, as it was conceived, and adapt it to the present needs of the company, safeguarding the value of the place itself, so that it always remains in full evidence.”

From the most refined classic style to the latest trends, Simas distinguishes itself for its collections going beyond the limits of time and ambiance, and creates a witness–with its design, the quality of the materials, and the new colors-to the beauty and the story of Italian production. Well known for the quality of its products and for its eco-friendly philosophy, Simas chose the path of research, technological development of the production process, certification, and respect to water saving and environmental eco-sustainability when it decided to pay great care to circular economy in order to compete on the international markets.

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