Antolini is opening a new space in Milan in partnership with designer studio Officina della Scala. This exclusive space is designed to be a meeting point for designers, architects, major clients and representative owners who want to create high-value projects with natural stone as the leading feature.

Within the new showroom, designers and customers can first of all admire a selection of exclusive Antolini materials. Natural stone is on display together with valuable sample kits, as well as featured on walls. Set in large-scale displays are materials such as Irish Green, Dalmata and Michelangelo Quartzite, placed in open book set-ups that catch the eye and enhance the surrounding environment. Antolini natural stones are also available in a number of interesting applications, including the wall in Patagonia backlit, which serves as the background to this new showroom. Also, the magnificent bathroom installation in Dover White aluminate and the elegant table in Python Black allow to fully comprehend and grasp the potential of natural stone when used for furniture and furnishing accessories.

In addition to providing comprehensive and extensive information and advice on natural stones, the new showroom will allow designers to take advantage of the wide experience and design creativity offered by Officina della Scala.

As a meeting point for those who want to set themselves apart through high-impact solutions that focus on the uniqueness, beauty and authenticity of natural stone, the showroom is located within the avant-garde Art Building, a new residential complex which is part of the redevelopment of the Greco-Pirelli area in Milan. Divided into studios and flats with splendid views of the Milanese skyline, the building also offers a number of apartments decorated with selected Antolini materials, including Blue Agate, Dalmata, Crystal Agate, Azul Macaubas, Patagonia, and Jurassic Brown.

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