I4F kicks off its 2020 global exhibition tour this week at Domotex in Hannover, Germany. This will be followed by its presence at TISE in Las Vegas, Domotex USA in Atlanta and Domotex asia/CHINAFLOOR in Shanghai.

The company is showcasing all the latest technologies and innovations immediately available via an I4F license from each of its patent clusters. I4F’s Patent Cluster Concept offers cutting-edge solutions in the areas of locking, materials and panel composition, board and wall panels, manufacturing processes as well as for surface finishing and digital printing.

“I4F constantly seeks out and markets disruptive technologies that have a profound impact on today’s global flooring landscape by making a positive difference to everyday life, with locking as its core strength,” said John Rietveldt, I4F’s CEO. “Our Patent Cluster Concept enables licensees to pick and choose from close to 3,000 technologies, with the option to select patents, or groups of patents, that best meet their current business needs. We believe in freedom of choice and our technologies are designed to stimulate growth well into the future.”

Locking Cluster: With locking as I4F’s core center of expertise, the company’s flagship technologies, 3L TripleLock and Click4U provide unique drop-lock flooring installation systems that eliminate the need for an additional insert on the short side. Both technologies are suitable for all materials and formats, can be manufactured on existing high speed production and have multiple installation benefits. Installation is up to 30% faster than basic clicks and no special tools are required. As the industry’s easiest and best drop-lock system, I4F continues to build on its industry leading installation technologies and will share details on the newest, breakthrough member of its 3L TripleLock family.

Digital Printing Cluster: I4F licensees have access to the flooring industry’s most sophisticated digital printing technologies. These enable manufacturers to create unique designs, achieve superior optical quality on a wide range of different core boards and PVC films while avoiding unnecessary inventory on pre-printed materials.

Surface Finishing Cluster: A surface finishing treatment achieved through a sophisticated curing process delivering the ultimate matte look by reducing light reflection while delivering improved resistance to stains and scuffing.

Materials & Panel Composition Cluster: I4F is showcasing a high-performance static dissipative and static conductive flooring solution designed to keep sensitive, high traffic environments like operating theatres, computer rooms and electronics safe. Previously announced, but not yet shown, is a breakthrough magnesium oxide (MgO), veneer board that resolves virtually all the disadvantages currently associated with natural wood flooring by reducing moisture intake and flammability on any floor level or room type.

Boards and Wall Panels Cluster: I4F licenses 3D wall and flat wall and ceiling installation systems that enable manufacturers to enter new markets as well as leverage their existing designs by launching expanded collections combining floors, walls and ceilings.

Manufacturing Process Cluster: I4F licenses manufacturing processes that help the global flooring industry achieve its sustainability and cost management goals. New innovations include “LevioTech”, I4F’s patented technology enabling manufacturers to save up to 15% percent on materials of rigid polymer boards by optimizing the extrusion process during production. Also new, is a manufacturing process that helps prevent glue and ink marks penetrating through to the surface of vinyl flooring often resulting in costly financial claims, post installation.

For more information, visit i4f.com.