Arizona tile launches an array of new tile, stone, and quartz, set for release in 2020.

Completa Stone Tile: The Completa Series is a collection of Natural Stone Mosaics & Mesh Mounts that are offered in six color collections, each with more than five mesh variations. Each variation is artistically crafted, with exclusive materials strategically arranged to display the material in unique and breathtaking patterns. The tiles within each sheet of marble are intentionally designed so the organic veining and details.

Vetri Porcelain Tile: Vetri is a rectified glazed porcelain, created to give the illusion of a polished, glass surface. The edges of each tile are tinted a darker color, adding dimension and depth. This detail combined with the series’ polished surface makes the pieces look like glass. Unlike glass, however, Vetri maintains all of the durable characteristics of porcelain and can be used in installations not suitable for glass. Arizona Tile carries Vetri in five colors and three sizes. It also has an available trim

Pave Porcelain Tile: Pave is an Italian-made, rectified color body porcelain. It is offered in five colors and two sizes, each size versatile enough to be used in a variety of installations. As a porcelain product, it is suitable for residential and commercial applications alike, and requires minimal maintenance. It is offered in a 12×24 rectangular tile, as well as a 2×2 mosaic, making it even more adaptable to various styles. The available colors are crisp and modern, adding an understated elegance to any design. 

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