MAPEI introduces Novoplan DPL, a self-leveling, calcium-aluminate-based underlayment and repair mix designed for use with interior concrete and engineer-approved floors. Novoplan DPL is capable of being deep poured, which enables installers to place up to 4" (10 cm) in a single lift. 

“This self-leveling underlayment is excellent for leveling, smoothing and repairing interior floors before the installation of flooring systems and coverings,” said Jeff Johnson, MAPEI’s Business Manager for Floor Covering Installation Systems. “And because you can pour up to 4" [10 cm] in a single pass, you can save a lot of time and labor.”

Novoplan DPL is designed for interior residential, interior commercial, interior heavy commercial and interior institutional installations. With a compressive strength greater than 3,500 psi (24.1 MPa), Novoplan DPL is capable of withstanding even the biggest installation demands. 

“When your floor needs to quickly be level and smooth and there are some deep deficits to contend with, Novoplan DPL self-leveling, self-curing compound is an excellent, time-saving option,” Johnson said.

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