AHF Products is launching the Robbins brand of fine hardwood flooring exclusively to NFA members and specialty retailers to help differentiate dealers in a crowded marketplace with a unique, high-quality line that is designed to sell.

Mindful of our channel partners and how to best serve to enable them to grow profitably, AHF has created industry leading products, designed to differentiate between its world class brands. “With our amazing assortment of company-manufactured and always duty-free/tariff-free hardwood, we are driving market expansion through differentiated products between our brands. This allows our channel partners to wow their customers, grow their business, and make more money with AHF,” said Brian Carson, president and CEO, AHF Products. While Robbins will go direct to retail, other brands will go through the company’s valued distribution network. AHF Products is the largest producer of wood flooring in the world, and represents other top wood flooring brands, including Bruce, LM Flooring, Homerwood and Hartco. 

“The beauty of bringing this well-established brand direct to retail is that we are not starting from scratch,” said General Sales Manager Michael O’Hearn, citing Robbins’ well-established brand equity, a dedicated sales team and a mission to deliver design-right product. “We are providing market exclusivity to participating retailers, so that their product mix is different from the store a mile down the road.”

“In today’s competitive flooring market, retailers are looking for ways to increase sales while maintaining a focus on stylish, high-quality product offerings. We have a terrific opportunity with Robbins to provide retailers with a unique selling proposition,” said O’Hearn. “Every market has its own unique set of challenges, whether it’s economics or the competitive field. Robbins is designed to help the aligned retailer standout in his specific market and to grow hardwood sales at a good margin.”

For individuals looking to inspire and be inspired, Robbins delivers the freedom to design living spaces with quality wood flooring options in a wide range of styles, colors and surface textures. Along with classic designs, in keeping with today’s trends, the line will be featuring lighter colored hardwoods, a variety of detailing options and matte finishes, as well as a new waterproof wood product, HydroGuard, in performance hardwood.

HydroGuard gives Robbins’ retailers a powerful story to tell customers. It is a real hardwood floor that delivers an innovative three-part system that protects against water damage. The tight locking system includes a proprietary coating on plank edges that seals out water, and a hyper-dense core that provides top down moisture protection for up to 36 hours. Easy to install with a robust locking system, the floors also resist scratches, stains and indentations for a lifetime of beauty. A wide variety of colors and textures are available in the popular matte, low gloss finish.

In addition to HydroGuard, new Robbins products launching early this year include:

Nature’s Canvas Engineered Hardwood-Silver, Gold Platinum Collections: The collections feature trending wide width planks in beautiful colors and textures, inspired by nature, including multi-width hickory. It is offered in a beautiful range of surface textures, including a light, non-linear hand-scrape and wire-brushing, with colors that span the latest in warm colors and classic legacy colors. An ultra-low gloss finish creates a natural feel to the wood, and the performance finish protects against everyday scratches and stains.

Rustic Directions Engineered Hardwood: This beautifully designed hickory offers a subtle, scraped texture that gives depth to the wood surface that can be seen and felt. Made from North American hickory, it is one of the toughest and hardest American wood species, and features a matte finish and a scratch- and stain-resistant coating to keep floors looking beautiful.  Quality 6-1/2˝ wide-width boards up to 60˝ long showcase colors that reflect the current warming trend seen in today’s interior spaces. The floors are U.S.-made and feature more than 90% domestic content.

Woodland Hills Engineered Floors: This new and unique rustic maple is exceptionally beautiful and durable with fine graining and even coloring. Because of its classic beauty, maple flooring is a favorite among homeowners. The line’s natural colors range from creamy white to a subtly bluish-grey in extremely wide width boards. It also features the matte finish and the Nano Aluminum Oxide coating for the ultimate in scratch- and stain-resistance.  It is made in the U.S.

Hometown Elegance Engineered Floors: This birch offers a subtle wire-brushed texture that creates a unique, one-of-a-kind look in a home. This texturizing technique is appealing to homeowners for a number of reasons, chief among them is that it gives the actual hardwood planks more visual interest and can hide scratches and dirt stains. The term "wire-brushed" describes a finish that involves scraping the wood planks with a hard-bristled wire brush. This process pulls out and reveals the soft grain from the growth ring of a tree. What's left exposed at the surface of the plank is the heart of the wood (aka the hardwood). These wide width floors feature the Nano Aluminum Oxide finish and are made in the USA with more than 90% domestic content. 

Simplicity Engineered Hardwood Floors: Appalachian Hickory and White Oak are meticulously crafted into quality hardwood floors that are complimented by combining trending matte color choices with two distinct visual styles: Character Grade Hickory, where all of a tree’s natural characteristics have been preserved; and Prime Grade White Oak floors which highlight select, unique characteristics that are visually modest and give these floors a cleaner overall appearance – an emerging trend in both the east and west coast.  Proudly made in the USA, both styles feature wide widths and long lengths, as well as a superior Matte Finish, UV Cured Urethane with Aluminum Oxide.  Shades range from classic hearty browns to soft, trending greys. Each offers a 50 Year Residential Warranty and a three Year Commercial Warranty, Lifetime Structural Warranty.

“Our goal is to make the retailer more effective. The new Robbins gives customers a high-value alternative in quality hardwood flooring, and retailers enjoy brand exclusivity, as well as geographic exclusivity, and flexibility in marketing the brand,” said O’Hearn.  

To learn more about AHF Products, check out AHFProducts.com.