This spring, Bona is hosting small group training sessions on moisture mitigation. Not only is moisture mitigation critical to appropriately prepare a subfloor, it can also protect contractors (and the floor) against future issues.

The moisture mitigation-based training classes focus on:

Best practices in testing for moisture issues

Situations on when and where to use a moisture barrier such as Bona’s R540

Other options and methods for controlling moisture

What to look for in moisture barrier products

The trainings are held at various Bona distributors across the US and Canada. The next training will occur at Denver Hardwood in Denver, Colorado on April 7th from 5-7pm. The training at BC Floor Covering Association (British Columbia) is May 21 from 5-7:30pm, with additional trainings in development through the summer months. 

For information, contact Trey Harrison, adhesive specialist at Bona at 

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