Fuse Alliance kicked off its 2020 conference at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells in Palm Springs. Executive Director Geoff Gordon welcomed 118 members and 43 preferred suppliers. 

“The forecast with this group is good, although suppliers say that business will be flat, depending on who you talk to,” Gordon said. “Our backlogs are the biggest they have ever been. I hear it’s a problem with labor—not just with us but with the labor pool in general.”

Gordon said Coronavirus has disrupted shipments of commercial LVT but the supply chain won’t feel it until May. 

Eight new member companies joined Fuse, including Commercial Floor Resources, Fischer Commercial Flooring, Intex Flooring, Ralph N. Smith, Simeone Floors, Source One Flooring, Stuart & Associates, and StudioSIX5.

Commercial Interior Resources President Ken Hurd, a founding member of Fuse Alliance, challenges seasoned members to become mentors to the next generation of commercial flooring leaders: “This is a tremendous career path and we need to create the structure and a path for growth for the future.” “

For more information visit fusealliance.com.