Cevisama, the International Fair for Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings, was held February 3 - 7th in Valencia, Spain. The event assembled over 800 exhibitors to showcase their latest innovations in ceramic coatings, bathroom equipment, natural stone, frits and ceramic colors, tiles and bricks, materials and tools, and ceramic machinery to industry professionals from 140 countries. The 38th edition of Cevisama saw new designs that allow for an astounding variety of possibilities for walls and floors with bold and vibrant colors, heavy textures, and classic prints on ornamental shapes. ADC Principal and Founder Craig Chinn provides a brief overview of some of the new trends and innovations showcased by companies at Cevisama 2020:

"Tiles continue to get larger, measuring 48×120 inches, and are available in a multitude of shapes and color schemes. A trend where abstract art inspired tiles mix and match with natural stone flooring tiles is a bold and unique design started by Aparici. In this application, large pattern tiles work well as an accent piece in an understated space, turning surfaces into true works of art," says Chinn.

He adds, "Going beyond the traditional glass block, a popular look this year is glass tile sculpted to imitate the look of everything from natural materials like bamboo to architectural elements such as historic tin tiles."

"Tiles with a textured surface and hand-made quality have become popular, and designers have developed innovative new lines that include wall tiles in fabric, weave, and even carved stone looks." Mr. Chinn continues, "These ceramic replicas offer visual interest in neutral or monochromatic color palettes. Ceramica Saloni has a fabric inspired tile in its Textural Collection that is as beautiful as it is alluring to the touch."

"Thanks to the amazing advances in inkjet printing technology, images of old word rugs, fresco paintings, pop-art, and historic posters printed onto the tile surface for longer lasting effects," he finishes.

Visit Cevisama's website for details on next year's event.