The perfect floor requires impeccable preparation, and installers want floors to come together fast. These innovations are making better floors happen in a flash.

Problem Solving in Multifamily Projects

The apartment, multi-family, and senior housing segments are growing rapidly. Innovative solutions to fulfill sound dampening, insulation, and fire-resistance needs have been developed in response to this growth. Schönox has engineered the Renotex 3D System to offer a solution. This versatile and customizable system combines Renotex 3D, a mineral wool sound insulation layer, Schönox RS 50 foam tape, and Schönox AP Rapid Plus. This provides a fast and cost-effective subfloor renovation system. The system aims to reduce labor expenses as well as excessive time and material waste, and once the system is in place, you have a smooth, level, and long-lasting surface ready for installation of a variety of floor coverings. The system improves the impact sound insulation and sound transmission rate as well as thermal insulation. It is suitable over wood substrates and is a self-bearing, fire rated construction.

Resilient Installation with No Moisture Testing Required 

This year, Taylor Adhesives is promoting a game-changing installation solution for resilient flooring. Resolute unlimited moisture barrier resilient flooring adhesive features unlimited moisture control from both tropical liquids and substrate vapor—with no moisture testing required. The safe one-part chemistry makes it a faster, more install-friendly alternative to two-part epoxy systems. Engineered for heavy rolling loads and other challenging commercial environments, the adhesive works on LVT, LVP, sheet goods, rubber, linoleum, SPC, SPC, cork-backed hard surfaces, cork flooring and underlayments, VCT/VET and rubber and vinyl stair treads. The fast-curing formula creates a high-strength, waterproof bond, and the self-leveling technology reduces telegraphing. Plus, it’s LEED contributing.

Install Tile with a Click

Seeing a need to cut time for installers, Daltile launched RevoTile, a revolutionary, patented, floating floor system that installs Daltile porcelain tile two times faster than traditional tile, saving time and money. RevoTile installs in just three easy steps 1) place underlayment 2) click together the tiles and 3) grout. Once grouted, the perimeter is sealed and RevoTile is then a waterproof flooring system. RevoTile porcelain tile is offered in 26 marble, wood, stone, and concrete looks. 

With RevoTile, a tile floor can now be completed in one day. The company says the solution expands the labor pool, allowing it to be quickly installed by professional tile installers as well as LVT, laminate, and hardwood installers.  In addition, RevoTile reduces the mess and length of time involved in traditional installation. No product acclimation is required during installation; RevoTile installs right over many existing floors, avoiding the need for demolition and removal; there is no mortar drying time, no messy two-part grout, and no return visits.

A Primer You Can Use in Occupied Spaces

When you’re renovating an existing space, there’s usually no way to get around the inhabitants feeling put out by the inconvenience of a flooring remodel. Mapei introduced Primer X, a fast-drying, high-performance, low-VOC, water-based, acrylic primer, to help in these environments. It is textured to enhance the performance and adhesion of self-leveling underlayments over 100%-solids, epoxy moisture barriers and other nonporous substrates. It drives quickly, in one to two hours, depending on environmental conditions. The product also features high bond to 100%-solids, epoxy moisture-control membranes.

Locking Floors with Enhanced Water Resistance

Välinge unveiled a new locking system for enhanced water resistance at Domotex in Hannover. With the new system 5G Hydroguard, floor manufactures will now be able to make life easier for their customers. 5G Hydroguard feature sa 5G Fold Down locking system tailored to provide enhanced water resistance by preventing water from penetrating into the seams of the floor panels.

“This is the first truly water resistant two-piece fold down system on the market,” said Per Nygren, executive vice president, Välinge Innovation. “With greater protection to withstand the mess of everyday chaos such as spills, this innovation makes floors both incredibly easy to install and to live with.”

The NALFA 48 hour surface swell test (24 hours with waterpillar and 24 hours recovery) has been used to assess the water behavior of floor installations with 5G Hydroguard. In wood-based floorings, the locking system contributes to significantly lower edge-swelling, thereby ensuring that the floor both looks and feels better despite being subjected to wet mopping, accidents and other events from everyday use.

Installing Metal Lath Faster

TechLevel WSF Fiber Reinforced Self-Leveling Underlayment from CustomTech eliminates the labor-intensive process of attaching metal lath to wood subfloors, so floor covering installations are faster, easier and more profitable. TechLevel WSF is a high-flow formula that prevents slow drying, bond failure, crumbling and staining. Appropriate for use on concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo and gypsum-based substrates as well as plywood and OSB, this SLU cures quickly and develops high early strength. TechLevel WSF exceeds industry requirements for substrate flatness to accommodate a wide variety of floor covering installations.

Install Floors with No Special Tools Required

With locking as I4F’s core centre of expertise, the company’s flagship technologies, 3L TripleLock and Click4U, provide unique drop-lock flooring installation systems that eliminate the need for an additional insert on the short side. Both technologies are suitable for all materials and formats, can be manufactured on existing high speed production and have multiple installation benefits. Installation is up to 30% faster than basic clicks and no special tools are required.

Glueless Locking Across Many Floor Types

Mohawk’s Uniclic glueless locking system clicks together floors for fast and easy installation. The system maintains constant tension between planks for tight joints that trap water on the surface, protecting floors and subfloors. Installers can also easily replace any damaged laminate planks with the Unifix tool. The technology is used in Karastan LuxeCraft, Pergo Extreme, Quick-Step, RevWood Plus, SolidTech and SolidTech Plus brands.