The Euclid Chemical Company, a leading manufacturer of concrete and masonry construction products, announced that its Eucon Baracade WPT specialty admixture solution won the Editor's Choice Award for 2020 Most Innovative Products in the Materials for Concrete Construction category at the World of Concrete (WOC) in Las Vegas.

Formulated with a unique silicone, polymer-based emulsion technology, Eucon Baracade WPT is a high-performance, water-repellent admixture used to improve the durability and surface integrity of poured and precast concrete exposed to harsh weather conditions. Unlike topically applied sealers, Eucon Baracade WPT produces a chemically bonded, insoluble protection mechanism throughout the concrete mix. By resisting moisture and chloride ion penetration, concrete produced with Eucon Baracade WPT has a significantly reduced potential for scaling, spalling and other moisture-related degradation. For decorative, integrally colored concrete, this moisture resistance promotes a faster dry time, thereby reducing efflorescence potential and preserving color vibrancy.

Presented by Concrete Construction, the Most Innovative Product Awards is the only annual award program that recognizes innovative new products designed for all segments of the concrete construction industry. Top product nominations are exhibited at the WOC, and winners are selected to receive one of three awards based on the innovation each product brings to the industry:

Industry Choice Award: Presented to one nominated product in each category, based on votes received via an online survey, plus ballots submitted at the WOC.

Experts' Choice Award: Nominated by a panel of industry experts, many of whom serve on the WOC Educational Advisory Board.

Editors' Choice Award: Selected by the editors of Concrete Construction.

One of 10 product categories, the Materials for Concrete Construction category includes anchors; concrete-making materials such as pre-packaged mixes, cement, admixtures and specialty concretes; concrete reinforcement like fibers, rebar accessories, joints and load-transfer devices; and water-resistant materials such as vapor barriers, waterproofing products and curing/form release agents.