As the current pandemic begins to define a “new normal” for all industries, Mobile Marketing is taking the lead on developing innovative tools for flooring retailers that help them take advantage of current and future digital opportunities. Included in the offering are online, mobile, and augmented reality measuring capabilities, launched in partnership with Measure Square.  

“Measure Square is an industry leader in estimating software for retail and commercial flooring contractors,” says Carole Cross, president and CEO of Mobile Marketing.  “With the increasing demand for eCommerce capabilities, we saw the need to integrate a measuring tool to facilitate remote order estimates. Working with Measure Square, we are now able to provide flooring retailers with a simplified digital measuring tool that is integrated into their website for online and mobile use.”

The online measuring tool allows consumers to easily calculate their flooring quantity needs for different types of flooring categories, including carpet and tile. Once calculated, the results are displayed on the website and shared with the retailer. Depending on the retailer’s preference, they can follow-up with a quote or enable the consumer to complete their purchase online through an eCommerce platform.

A Virtual Room Measuring app is also available for download. To use, a consumer positions his or her smartphone camera toward the floor and walks around the area they want to replace, while following with the pointer. Once the room is shaped, a complete floorplan can be sent back to the flooring retailer.

Mobile Marketing and Measure Square have also partnered in creating digital calculators for retailers who have expanded into paint and window treatments. The online paint calculator determines the amount of paint needed and provides an estimated cost. The new blind measurement tool helps consumers correctly measure their windows and consult with their window treatment specialist.

Retailers interested in making the most of their web, mobile, and social platforms can contact Mobile Marketing at 484-944-1422, e-mail or visit