The ES-99 System is the original peel and bond EnviroSTIX System. It has been on the market proving as a solution for jobs with time-sensitive, budget-tight, challenging projects for over a decade.

ES-99 includes the pre-cured EnviroSTIX Adhesive combined with the quick drying ES-P (EnviroSTIX Primer).

ES-99 performs on projects up to 99.0% RH for high relative humidity protection with aggressive, moisture-resistant adhesive. This pre-mixed, roll-on, PH-neutralizing primer boasts the ease of peel-and-bond adhesive, plus quick and easy installation.

This system works with most major commercial flooring manufacturers’ product lines, without the usual mess and time associated with traditional moisture mitigation systems.

EnviroSTIX adhesives can be applied to carpet tiles, rubber tiles, VCT, LVT, sheet goods, and much more. Plus you can achieve uniform coverage with our machine-applied adhesive.

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