HMTX Industries announces its achievement as the first manufacturer in the world to obtain the JUST 2.0 social transparency label, which aids organizations in optimizing policies and practices that improve social equity and enhance employee engagement. HMTX embarked on this journey following the achievement of the JUST 1.0 social justice label in 2018 for its Chinese factory partners, Elegant Home Tech-Co., Ltd. and Yihua Rundong New Material Co., Ltd.— a first for any company in China (and all of Asia).

Created by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), the JUST label is essentially a nutrition label for socially just and equitable organizations. HMTX had to report information to ILFI on a wide range of company and employee-related indicators, each of which comes with its own set of requirements for the four levels of performance that can be achieved under JUST 2.0. There are 22 indicators across six different categories, as reflected on the JUST 2.0 label: diversity & inclusion, equity, employee health, employee benefits, stewardship, and purchasing & supply chain.

JUST has provided a roadmap on where HMTX can improve its policies, programs, and practices, as well as increase employee engagement. This process will be repeated as additional information is gathered and its scores are improved.

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