HMTX Industries will exhibit and host the presentation “The Journey to JUST Social Justice Label” at the NeoCon Metropolis Sustainability Lab on the third floor of theMart in Chicago.

A destination to support the interiors industry in taking the next step toward regenerative and resilient design and open to attendees June 13 – 15, the Metropolis Sustainability Lab exhibit encourages visitors to learn more about how to make design decisions that help safeguard the health and well-being of people on the planet. It also provides a venue for educational programming focused on designing interiors that make a positive impact and raising awareness around equity and embodied justice.

NeoCon attendees are invited join Rochelle Routman, HMTX chief sustainability and impact officer, and Kendra Mahen, vice president of sales for Aspecta commercial flooring, on Tuesday, June 14 at 2 pm CST in the Sustainability Lab at the Mart on Floor 3, Suite 380 as they explore the company’s journey to becoming the first manufacturer to achieve JUST 2.0. This certification can provide a benchmark for companies seeking Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards, and the relevance and significance of JUST to the Architect and Design community.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has evolved from an overall relationship between companies and shareholders to the concept of ESG, which encompasses social justice, according to Routman.

“ESG is a more personal connection extends to employees, the communities where they operate, and ultimately, their customers, clients and consumers,” Routman said. “Companies increasingly are obligated to identify their social purpose and craft policies to achieve it globally. How can they define and qualify what social justice means? The JUST label provides a matrix for policy goals, evaluation and measurement that is transforming how companies view and conduct their business. The process of achieving the JUST label challenges and empowers companies to embed it within their ESG business strategy, to use this global tool to gather data to judge itself and improve.”

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