Braxton-Bragg has heavily invested in CNC tooling and equipment, as well as top industry executives, to innovate the way it goes to market. Six new sales associates and managers with extensive stone industry and CNC expertise have been hired in less than one month to irrupt the market. 

In addition, the Braxton-Bragg team has brought an operations expert on board to manage the company’s new FREE shop analysis program, helping fabricators streamline operations and inventory for increased profit and efficiency. 

The new Braxton-Bragg CNC team brings experience from Diamut, Lackmond, GranQuartz, and Granite City Tool, and their experience includes CNC technology, sales, operations, and management. 

CNC product offerings include everything from CNC machines to pads, making Braxton-Bragg a one-stop CNC tooling supplier. In addition to products, they have experts ready to guide fabricators through the process of becoming more profitable, from the shop analysis to inventory management.

“Braxton-Bragg is changing the industry, and I am energized to be a part of that change,” said Peter Hauser, Braxton-Bragg Director of CNC Sales & Technical Advisory. “More than a tool provider, Braxton-Bragg is an educator, aiding customers in building and growing their businesses. We are bringing even more hands-on experience to the market, giving fabricators and production managers  resources for tooling and machinery streamlining.”

Throughout this growth phase, Braxton-Bragg is committed to the same industry-leading services levels on shipping, tech support, product knowledge and customer service.

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