Abbey Carpet Co., Inc. Headquarters has chosen Roomvo as the visualizer for its network of floor covering showrooms across North America.

“Visualization has moved from being a ‘nice to have’ to an expectation on the part of consumers,” explained, Abbey’s vice president of marketing, Bill Wilson. “Given our Member’s reputations for providing a top-notch customer experience, it was critical to go with the segment leader. Roomvo’s outstanding realism, ease-of-use and speed made them the logical choice.”

“Committing to new flooring is a big deal for most people. The vast variety of options combined with the significant cost means that it often takes months for consumers to reach a decision,” commented Pawel Rajszel, CEO of Roomvo. “Roomvo allows users to see how a new floor will look in their own room in seconds. As a result, decisions can be made more confidently and much more quickly, sometimes on the spot.”

Retail has been undergoing an evolution as digital technologies are adopted to improve consumers’ ability to interact with brands and products on their own terms. The Covid-19 pandemic, associated lockdowns and tentative return to public interaction are accelerating the rate of change.

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