Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak followed by recent advancements in plans to safely begin opening businesses, Bonitz has begun emphasizing the benefits of its Sanitization Services package. These recent events have placed cleanliness, sanitization, and safety as top priorities for many businesses throughout the country.

Bonitz's Sanitization Services package can help guard businesses against harmful bacteria, infections, and viruses. This is an excellent solution for businesses looking to sanitize their facilities and provide greater peace of mind for both employees and customers alike. This service entails the Bonitz team coming on-site to spray, wipe down, and fog commercial interiors with their EPA-registered, National Science Foundation Certified cleaner which provides broad spectrum sanitization.

This system kills and controls mold while killing viruses, bacteria, and odors, providing a deep sanitization to interiors. Not only is this package ecologically friendly, but it is also noncorrosive, does not cause harmful by-products, is biodegradable, and depending on the needs of the facility, can also be food grade quality. This hospital-grade disinfectant is documented to kill Covid-19 and other Coronaviruses.

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