Like diverse environments in nature, the spaces we occupy need to support a range of functions in our daily routine. Shifting Fields is a collection that captures the importance of these different environments while providing a biophilic flooring solution that helps define space through zoning, transitions, and wayfinding. 

As studies have shown, there is value in creating a balanced working environment that supports open and collaborative working as well as private and focused work. With the absence of walls and partitions in many of today’s working environments this collection aims to suggest spatial boundaries based on transitioning pattern, texture, and color. This system of products will promote and create choice in the way one moves through and uses a space. The transitioning visuals can zone and define spaces for different modes of working and create visual cues suggesting a flow of traffic and wayfinding. 

Available in four 18” x 36” styles (Enclave, Landing, Landing Edge, and Plains) and two 9” x 36” styles (Clearing and Vista). Constructed with EcoWorx backing & Eco Solution Q nylon, Shifting Fields carpet tile is Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver, has a Health Product Declaration (HPD) and meets GreenLabel Plus for indoor air quality standards. 

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