The North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) approved a new test method to determine if assembled laminate flooring planks can be considered moisture resistant. This new test method will be an addition to the existing LF-01 Testing Standard. Laminate flooring manufacturers will have the opportunity to certify for moisture resistance in addition to the other factors currently contained in the NALFA Certified product standard. The current certification includes minimum requirements for multiple attributes including fade resistance, stain resistance, impact resistance, surface wear resistance and VOC’s. Products that pass the LF-01 Standards as well as the new moisture resistance test will be able to show an enhanced NALFA Certified Logo on packaging and in marketing materials.

Being certified under NALFA’s Moisture Resistance Test helps consumers easily identify manufacturers and products that adhere to the strictest standard for water resistance in laminate flooring. The water-resistant certification for laminate flooring products further demonstrates NALFA’s commitment to establish and maintain high performance standards, as well as, educate consumers to identify the most superior products through certification seals.

To learn more about the testing and requirements to complete certification, visit their standards page to download the standard and example.