Jeff Collum, president of Teknoflor, announced that Ellie Priester has been promoted to vice president of marketing – commercial, The Americas from her present position as director of marketing. In this new role, Priester will oversee the global marketing and product initiatives for the Teknoflor brand and the expansion of the Aspecta brand in the Americas.

“Ellie has worked for Teknoflor for over five years and has been an invaluable member of our team with her creative and visionary attitude to the ‘new’ Teknoflor,” said Jeff Collum. “In her tenure she has managed the re-branding of the Teknoflor brand as well as its product expansion and has demonstrated her attention to detail in marketing, public relations, brand management and product development.”

Priester’s recent accomplishments include leading Teknoflor’s re-branding initiatives and receiving several large industry award recognitions, including a 2019 Best of NeoCon Award and several Nightingale Awards from Healthcare Design Magazine.

Said Priester, “Both Teknoflor and Aspecta brands have an enormous opportunity to grow in dominance and recognition. Through innovation, creative strategy and a modern mindset, I look forward to generating the exposure these brands deserve in the commercial flooring marketplace.”

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