The North American Laminate Flooring Association is proud to announce they have made all of the laminate flooring and underlayment standards available to the public free of charge, including NALFA’s Laminate Surface Swell Test method for testing water resistance. These standards include the following:

  • NALFA LF-01: Specifications & Test Methods
  • NALFA LF-02: Sustainability Standards
  • NALFA LF-03: Underlayment Specifications & Test Methods
  • NALFA Laminate Surface Swell Test- Assembled Joint

NALFA members felt that it was important to ensure these standards were readily available for anyone accessing the website. The North American Laminate Flooring Association remains the only ANSI accredited Laminate flooring association in North America with voluntary standards that all members certify to.

Dan Natkin, president of NALFA, said “There is tremendous confusion in the market today for hard surface flooring and product claims of performance. The majority of the NALFA standards have been in place for years, so consumers and retailers can feel confident when purchasing a NALFA certified product. NALFA remains transparent in its methods and wanted to open our standards and test methods so anyone can access the information.”

Visit their standards and test methods page to download these documents. Select the document you are seeking, and it will direct you to a page to ‘unlock the download.’ There you will submit your name and email address, and it will provide a downloadable document.