Unilin Technologies, a provider of patents and technologies to manufacturing industries, announced that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Facadeclick, giving Unilin Technologies the sole and worldwide licensing right for Facadeclick’s patent family.

Facadeclick significantly reduces the time, labor costs and skill levels required to build immaculate stretcher-bond façade walls. The Facadeclick system combines the well-tested properties and character of traditional ceramic bricks with an innovative assembly method: high-density polyethylene (HDPE) connectors link the façade bricks securely together without requiring any glue, mortar or sealant. Assembly is therefore very fast, simple, efflorescence-free and can be carried out in all weather conditions.

The HDPE connectors ensure precise vertical and horizontal brick spacing, producing highly attractive façade walls that can resist twice the pressure of traditional mortar-based walls. Combined with the recommended water-repellant, non-flammable EPS bead cavity filling, Facadeclick walls deliver excellent insulation U values while preventing water penetration to inner walls. HDPE connector design and the water-repellant EPS beads swiftly expel any water ingress. The absence of mortar prevents rising damp and eliminates the need for DPC foil.

Recycling and circular economy are Facadeclick’s primary goals. “Circular construction aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value at all times, generating as little waste as possible and optimizing resources to benefit people and the environment”, explains Facadeclick’s manager, Patrick Vandenbempt. “Our technology combines traditional brickwork, a construction material that has already been used for centuries and has proven its durability, with an innovative insert connector that allows recovery and reuse of brickwork. Our technology is not a revolution; it is an evolution towards sustainable, circular construction.”

“When we heard about a sustainable, circular, click solution for bricks, we were immediately very enthusiastic”, says Unilin Technologies’ managing director, Bart Van der Stockt. “Our extensive expertise in intellectual property management and our world-wide IP licensing network, combined with Facadeclick’s wonderful job in the development and implementation of these technologies, signify win-win prospects for both companies. We are delighted to license out this new click technology that promotes circular economy in the construction industry and look forward to growing this market segment together.”

Watch how to install Facadeclick here.