Anderson Tuftex says, sometimes our most wondrous inspiration can be found outside. Under canopies of verdant leaves, alongside mountains majestic, we pull from a place bigger than ourselves.

This collection is for those who feel the same, those who are drawn to nature and its healing qualities, those who find respite and retreat among earthy soil, irregular textures and familiar shades of neutrals perfected by nature herself.

This collection was inspired by the warm colorscapes and earthy textures of Mexico. From natural woods, fibers and clay to breathtaking patterns inspired by thousands of migrating butterflies, our designers captured the true and real splendor of the place. The designs sit alongside artifacts — artisan pottery, perfectly imperfect straw art and brass plates — that lend casual character and bring the narrative to life.

The result is a collection defined by bringing forth found beauty and preserving it for years to come.

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