Since 1984, Commercial Interior Contractors Corp. (CIC) has embodied both a tenacious spirit and a commitment to go above and beyond what the larger firms in our space were unwilling to do. However, those familiar with my company’s history understand that we had no choice but to be an outlier and trendsetter. 

Since our founding, I’ve navigated through the stereotypes and challenges faced by a woman of color in South Florida’s construction and renovation industry. I endeavored to keep our firm in consideration for some of the most prestigious projects across Miami-Dade and Broward counties by attending all meetings and ensuring our voice was heard. No matter what, I always adhered to my belief in success based solely on merit—and for more than three-and-a-half decades, CIC’s work has been too exemplary to ignore. 

CIC is known for delivering only the highest quality work and customer experiences, leaving no doubt as to our professionalism or ability to deliver on a promise. We’ve pushed so hard for perfection that the extraordinary is now our norm, and the only way we know how to perform. This is a value that is reflected throughout every aspect of every project that bears our company name.

Those early years of commitment gradually turned into decades of success—an impressive feat for any business, let alone one operating in South Florida’s crowded and competitive construction industry. Throughout it all, our resourceful mentality and meticulous approach to projects has remained the same. CIC is still a specialty trade small business, and we still place customer service and confidence at the forefront. Without the leeway afforded to nationally-known firms, we know that our reputation must be lived up to each and every time. That’s why only a select few make the grade and earn the right to wear our logo on their shirts.

It’s this drive for comprehensive service that has led to our expertise in multiple disciplines. By approaching projects in a holistic fashion, we provide our partners with all-encompassing solutions. From flooring to decorative wall finishes including acoustics—the entire space must work seamlessly.  

CIC has been called upon to lend our particular prowess to some of the largest and most well-known undertakings South Florida has ever seen. From the downtown Government Center to the gorgeous Adrienne Arscht Center for the Performing Arts and the American Airlines Arena; From the James L. Knight Center, Florida International University, and Miami-Dade College to Marlins Stadium, the quality of our execution and service has been relied upon over and over again. 

That legacy of reliability is particularly exemplified by our work on Miami International Airport’s International Flights and Customs terminal. Since winning the bid more than 20 years ago, our work has welcomed millions upon millions of visitors from all over the world—but now the time has finally come to renovate. Expecting CIC will once again create a stunning space that will stand the test of time, MIA has entrusted my business partner, who is also my son and vice president of CIC, Francisco Geller, with the project.

Growing up, Francisco watched as CIC earned its place as a standard bearer in the field. He has committed himself to carrying our torch to new heights by remaining true to our trendsetting nature. He and his team have already incorporated new technological resources and marketing savvy in ways never seen before from others in our field.

Under Francisco’s stewardship, CIC has undergone a modernized rebranding effort that resulted in a new website and client management and service system. He invested heavily into state-of-the-art 3D rendering technology, allowing clients to explore their completed projects from every angle prior to demolition. On a monthly basis, he personally curates an electronic newsletter featuring current articles and news spanning a range of construction and renovation topics, further providing value to not only our clients and partners, but our colleagues throughout the industry. 

At every turn, Francisco has investigated methods in which CIC can become more efficient, cutting-edge, and best fulfill the expectations of quality and service that have led to years-long relationships, repeat business, and most importantly, our clients’ trust. 

Despite varying social, economic, and commercial upheavals over the years, CIC has been able to stand by our core value of excellence. It’s a mandate that’s rather easy to uphold—we simply don’t know any other way. This is how I’ve operated since day one, and it will be how we continue to move forward for the next 35 years—and beyond.