There’s no denying that a rug can instantly transform the feel of a room. Whether through its color, texture or print, a rug can determine how welcoming, bright and fun your décor is, so making the right choice is crucial. To help you navigate through the quest for the ideal rug, Rug’Society will be presenting one of its most beloved rugs: the Valencia Rug.

Hand-tufted in wool and botanical silk, the Valencia Rug, from the Classic Collection, takes inspiration from a summer trip to Valencia – a gorgeous Spanish city where warmth is omnipresent and the colors are varied and rich. The imposing and vibrant nature of this city translated itself into tapestry through a rug with a neutral, sober, geometric pattern suddenly invaded by a silky wave of color, combining a sense of comfort and excitement.

The standard colorway of this rug is an opulent gold yellow, reminiscent of the way the lights shine on the buildings in Valencia, making them look as if they were covered in gold. However, if your dearest travel memoires are tied to another hue, this color can be changed through Rug’Society’s customization service, paving way for the creation of a completely unique and personal piece.

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