Metroflor Corporation announced that its samples for the commercial market are now be available on the Material Bank platform. The world’s largest material marketplace for the architecture and design industry, Material Bank is the fastest and more powerful way to search and sample materials. The free service enables industry professionals in North America to perform complex searches by category, design, performance and specifications to explore new products across hundreds of brands and thousands of materials. The service allows samples ordered by midnight to be delivered the next morning.

Initially the Material Bank will feature Metroflor LVT’s Déjà New and Déjà New with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology, along with Verçade Wall Fashion.

According to Gary Keeble, vice president of marketing for Metroflor, the commercial sector is a growing part of Metroflor’s business. While typically more Main Street oriented, the company’s products are certainly suitable for specified business as well. Metroflor’s distribution network has teams calling on that business, to ensure that Metroflor products are considered.

“The Material Bank platform provides a direct connection to commercial interior designers, architects and end users looking for samples for projects,” said Keeble. “Material Bank’s capability to ship samples as late as midnight and have them delivered the next day is a compelling benefit for specifiers. It also gives us a wide audience for exposure to our Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology flooring.”

Said Russ Rogg, president of Metroflor Corporation, “Just as the COVID pandemic has affected the way we do business, designers need to be fluid about where and how they work. Material Bank enables us to serve them with our samples wherever they are presently located. It’s an excellent point of entry for Metroflor to this important commercial marketplace.”

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