CALI, the omni-channel sustainable building products company, is launching a new collection of cork flooring – CALI cork. The fresh, four-sku line-up ushers in an improved generation of cork while remaining true to the material’s renewable and planet-safe roots. A high resistance finish and water-resistant construction make CALI cork a more durable upgrade from the cork planks of yesteryear. Plus, a 15-year residential and 5-year commercial warranty make this collection an attractive option for storefronts and fitness studios.  

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Cork is naturally renewable; the material is trimmed from the bark of the cork oak tree and regenerates without harming the plant or surrounding environment. The cork in this flooring is also recycled, demonstrating cork’s ability to be reprocessed over and over for different uses. Customers looking to purchase responsibly and opt for products that do no harm will take heart in cork’s bona fide sustainability story.  

Planks in this inaugural CALI cork collection (because this is just the beginning) are topped with a high resistance finish, making them easier to clean and better protected from scratches and the build-up of dirt. The cork material in planks’ top beauty layer and bottom underlayment is naturally water resistant, sound insulating, antimicrobial, and temperature regulating. Thanks to its spongey composition, cork is highly cushioning and capable of absorbing impacts without losing its shape. All of which promises quieter, more comfortable rooms that keep joints, homes, and the planet happy. CALI cork is also Greenguard certified, ensuring it’s safe for homes with children and pets. Its nontoxic construction and forgiving surface make this flooring especially ideal for nurseries and kids' rooms.  

CALI cork planks are lightweight, click-lock milled, and measure 35-5/8" long, 11-5/8" wide, and 7/16” thick. Boards come in packs of eight for a total of 22.99 sqft per carton and can be floated or glued down.   

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The new collection is available now at