Zeftron Nylon, a nylon 6 solution-dyed yarn system for commercial carpets, is introducing an educational eBook, “4 Reasons Carpet Matters Now.” The free resource provides insights on how designers and facility managers can utilize carpet to improve the health and safety of commercial environments.

The easy-to-read document consists of articles, research and practical tips. It shows how carpet can be designed to create socially distanced and wellness-focused spaces. Research contained in the eBook shows how carpet contributes to improved indoor air quality, and how carpet can best be properly maintained to achieve maximum performance and aesthetics.   

“With the onset of COVID-19, designers and facility managers  have had to shift their focus to long-term public health concerns regarding  social distancing, cleanliness, and creating safe commercial environments,” said Timothy Blount, Zeftron business leader. “With this in mind, we decided to take a stronger look at what carpet, and especially carpet with a branded nylon like Zeftron, brings to the marketplace to better serve our entire customer community.”

The “4 Reasons Why Carpet Matters Now” eBook consists of four chapters, which include research on how designers can use carpet to achieve bold and memorable designs while reducing viral spread. Among the many insights provided, it shows examples of how designers are creating cutting-edge design innovations for wayfinding across virtually every commercial interior sector. It also cites research that shows that 85 percent  of indoor airborne debris, such as dirt, can be removed through proper vacuuming to significantly improve air quality. 

During these challenging times, the eBook serves as a new tool for how designers and facility managers can balance health and wellness concerns with the need to create appealing and functional spaces.

More information about eBook and Zeftron Nylon is available at www.zeftronnylon.com