In the wake of COVID-19 concerns for surface hygiene, Why Tile announced a collection of resources defining the health benefits of ceramic tile coverings. The Hygiene Guides, available on, provide quick access to hygiene information on ceramic tile collected into one location. 

“Why Tile responded to the demand by specifiers and consumers alike to understand the advantages of using ceramic tile for our health and safety,” said Kathy Meyer, marketing director, TCNA. “The Hygiene Guides provide an easy-to-navigate free digital resource covering topics ranging from cleaning tips to post-pandemic kitchen design.” 

The latest findings and health information on ceramic tile from industry experts take all surfaces into account, from floors to walls, countertops, backsplashes, and even outdoor areas. “We will continue to expand the Hygiene Guides with new information and research,” Meyer said. 


Step one in caring for your tile is to sweep it! Get in there and get all the mess that’s in dry form off your surface the old fashioned way. You may also wish to invest in an electrostatic cleaning tool (one brand name is “Swiffer”) to remove minute debris, giving you the cleanest start possible.


From there, clear, clean water is often all that’s needed to clean your tile. If you find you must use something stronger, turn to a neutral cleaner made specifically for grout or tile, or a mildly alkaline detergent (i.e., Mr. Clean, Spic and Span).


Stay away from using harsh cleaners on a regular basis. The effect of using cleaners with a high pH (bleach – alkaline) or low pH (vinegar – acidic) over and over is that they may break down some sealers which are there to help prevent soap scum, oils, and dirt from penetrating into the grout.


Always rinse with clean, clear water after cleaning to remove any residue. Any residual cleaner, soap, or detergent must be removed to prevent it from leaving the tile dull and susceptible to more rapid soiling.


Nylon or plastic scrubbers are handy and generally won’t scratch. These are great tools for helping care for your tile and grout.