Happy Floors announced the release of its new stone-look tile collection: Fossil. This blend of petrified wood and concrete is inventive in its design approach.

“Fossil is a unique mashup that suits the evolving tastes of today,” says Peter Pasterski, vice president of sales, “With it we’ve given homeowners access to a modernized rustic look.”

Although often used separately petrified wood and concrete come together in Fossil resulting in a fusion of the two design styles. Lovers of modern design’s clean lines and flat surfaces will find reprieve in the tile’s concrete undertones. The hints of concrete weave their way through the stone patterning that rustic lover’s will find comfort in. An additional layer of depth comes from the tile’s painterly touch. 

Fossil is available in four unique colors: White, Pearl, Grey, and Blue; sizes 12x24” and 24x48”; and is completed with both square and hexagon mosaics. 

Fossil is suitable for all interior spaces, residential and commercial projects (apart from Blue which is suitable for residential projects only).

To learn more, visit happy-floors.com