Members of the Global Flooring Alliance (GFA), an international association of parquet importers and distributors, report that although COVID-19 has disrupted societies around the globe, the flooring business overall sees upbeat performance.  GFA said it anticipates this will continue to be the case at least until the beginning of 2022.

“The majority of our members are positive and look back at, and forward to, a growth in turnover," said GFA Chairman Einar Gottskalksson. "Furthermore, in all of our member countries vaccination against the virus has started and will hopefully push back the ‘ghost’ of COVID-19. This will boost consumer confidence and a catching-up of demand.”

The group recently conducted a survey of members that revealed that in the flooring trade, most 2020 sales are up in double digits in comparison to previous year with residential and renovation markets generating the biggest profit and turnover. The commercial sector is lagging somewhat behind, although this is not the case in all of the member countries. Unfortunately, not all is positive as GFA notes that flooring suppliers have problems with delivery because of the high demand, and is furthermore worried about the costs of transport and containers.

Following the outcome of the survey and questionnaire, GFA expects that consumers will continue to invest in their homes and interiors in 2021, but probably somewhat less than last year. Depending on the COVID-19 situation, GFA predicts that at the end of this year, other sectors, such as tourism, car sales and luxury items, will likely start to catch up. Nonetheless, market share of interior decoration and flooring will remain strong. The growth in turnover and profit will probably flatten.

GFA plans to hold a virtual meeting this summer.  

“At Domotex 2022 we hope to be back again in full swing and to have our full member meeting like we have done for over thirty years," Gottskalksson said. "We are also planning to invite new members to Hannover and to organize some special activities. These plans will be further elaborated during our next virtual meeting in June."

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