Välinge Flooring continues to roll out its hardened wood floor with Woodura surface technology through distribution and e-commerce in North America and will be available through retail this month. Woodura surface technology makes the floor three to five times harder that the original species. 

“The sustainability aspect combined with the other features like a three-times harder surface and the possibility to produce extra-extra-long planks is what initially caught my interest,” said Zach Adams, general manager, North America. “The team and I are very eager to present this product on the market and we are convinced that others will see the many advantages it has compared to a traditional wood floor.” 

The collection includes a mix of three species: white European oak, trendy ash and walnut combined for a total of 11 SKUs in large formats up to 10 ¾-inches wide and 94 inches long . Välinge Flooring has also added patented technologies developed by its sister company, Välinge Innovation, to the flooring, including the 5G Dry click system. 5G Dry is easy to install with a click system and has extra protection from water penetrating into the seams of the floor making the flooring waterproof. The 5G Climb feature also allows the flooring to be installed on walls by just adding a small plastic clip.