AHF Products has announced it will increase prices on hardwood products in the U.S. and Canada effective on April 1, 2021. The increase averages five percent on the company’s engineered hardwood produced in the U.S. and Asia (excluding Cambodia) and three percent across domestically produced solid hardwood. The price increase will impact products across AHF brands, including Bruce, Robbins, Hartco and Capella.

“At AHF Products, we are committed to helping customers grow their business through superior service, high-quality products and high-style flooring at competitive prices," said Chris King, vice president-sales, AHF Products. "Across several of our locations, we are experiencing continued raw material cost inflation on key wood flooring components, including lumber and core materials. As a result, we find it necessary to increase hardwood prices on certain products."

This increase will be effective on orders placed starting April 1st and shipments made after April 30th for any orders placed prior to April 1st, the company said. 

For more information, visit ahfproducts.com.