Starnet Commercial Flooring, the world’s largest network of full-service professional flooring contractors, will launch phase one of a digital transformation initiative on March 31, 2021.

The initiative will match the physical scale of the cooperative through a commanding online presence. It will also create new value for the supporting Starnet Preferred Vendor network by reinforcing the connection to the membership. The services of 360 current Starnet member locations will be promoted to industry stakeholders with a focus on end user facility management professionals.

The foundation of the platform is the creation of 360 individual member websites representing every Starnet member location throughout the United States and Canada. The consistent platform experience will increase the exposure of each member firm online, support customer confidence, enable the customer journey from online to offline, and facilitate new business opportunities through multi-audience marketing campaigns.

“Our goal for the online program is to scale the breadth and depth of the Starnet network in a national online hub, as well as local search results,” said Rob Starr, Starnet director of marketing and member services. “Each member website will have the same branding experience in a professional and consistent presentation across the entire membership. Over the past two weeks we have been training the membership on the personalization options to communicate their unique value proposition and manage leads generated from Starnet’s outreach efforts.”

“While Starnet’s physical presence has been built over 30 years by the cooperative, the contract flooring industry is rapidly changing,” said Mark Bischoff, Starnet President and CEO. “It looks very different from just one year ago. Widespread remote working, evolving supply chains, and disruptions in commercial real estate investment will create permanent industry change. Our members and Preferred Vendor Partners will be able to use this unique industry platform to partner together for success. On the forefront of the response to get back to work in every commercial segment will be Starnet, connecting all stakeholders through the digital transformation of the Starnet cooperative.”

On March 31, 2021, the 360 current Starnet member location websites will go live on