Happy Floors introduced a new color to their Crash Collection called Crash Blue. This new color has the audacity to blend refreshing blue tones with classic marble designs of the Crash Collection.

“The design of Crash Blue was a focused effort, to bring new colors to the realm of classical elegance,” says Peter Pasterski, vice president of sales. “And our team didn’t stop by combining iconic designs with revolutionary colors, we wanted to bring Crash Blue to the world in a big way; which is why we went out of our way to include large formats, like 48x48 and 36x72, in the line.”

Crash Blue comes not only in the staples of 12x24” and 24x24”; but in new large format tiles, ranging from 30x30” squares, all the way up to 36x72” rectangles. Like a great wave, crashing onto a sandy beach, Crash Blue is here to fuse the richness of blue, with the classical look of marble tile. 

Crash Blue is suitable for all interior spaces, residential and commercial projects, and wall and backsplash applications.

To learn more, visit happy-floors.com