Grit. Resilience. Innovation. Adaptability. The driving power behind Armstrong Flooring’s 150-year legacy in the flooring industry.

To reflect that in every facet of the business, the Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer has undergone a timely brand refresh that captures the essence of its DNA, says Michel Vermette, CEO. “We are very much reaching back to our heritage of resilience and innovation and passion looking forward.”

Building on its longstanding history, Armstrong’s rebrand is set to differentiate the company moving forward, while keeping it authentic to its past, says Christina Sewell, director, brand marketing. “That platform to us is really about resiliency. We have a 150-year legacy that we wanted to leverage and prove that we aren’t only looking backwards, we are focused on looking forward to where we want to go and what we want to be.”

In addition to an updated logo, merchandising, website and tagline—which is now Walk On. Walk Strong.—the refresh will focus on building out different extensions of the brand to better reach markets. To do this, Armstrong is strengthening its distributor partnerships to foster a relationship that provides distributors with unique offerings that will not only leverage their business, but will complement their existing offerings.

“We are looking at each customer group, so as part of our overall rebranding, we are creating a brand specific to our distributor group,” Vermette said. “So what you will see is we are tied always to the mother brand, so Armstrong Flooring signature will be our dedicated distributor brand, where they will have their own product offering, their own merchandising, their own collateral, website—everything that supports it.”

Resiliency is what has brought Armstrong this far, and innovation is what will keep it moving forward, as the company looks to its future through a new lens.

“We have a history of innovation across our brand and our business,” Vermette said. “Yes, we are very resilient, but Armstrong has always been one of the most innovative companies in the industry, so you’ll see us embracing that. It will be in every aspect of our business, not only in product. It will be in go to market, in our logistics solutions, in our marketing. So we’ll probably be a little disruptive over time—in a good way.”

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