Mohawk unveiled its largest product launch in the company’s history, along with new marketing and promotions strategies, during its Momentum roadshows. Retailers scheduled appointments with their Mohawk sales representatives in Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Huntington Beach, California.  

“Customers are excited to be here,” said Trey Thames, senior vice president of residential sales, Mohawk. “We have had more compliments of customers thanking us for having the show. They are glad to get out, they are glad to see other people and to see product. It’s a relationship business, a tactile business, and a fashion business, and this all lends themselves to in-person viewing, touching, and feeling, and I think we’re doing all the right things.”  

To keep retailers and employees safe, the company implemented protocols that included non-invasive thermal temperature scans at all guest and employee entrances, complimentary Mohawk guest face coverings, hand sanitizer stations, a team of cleaning professionals sanitizing common areas continuously, and a certified COVID compliance officer onsite at every location.  

“It’s great to be out and see people I haven’t seen in a while,” said Mark Compston, owner of Mark’s Floors in Minneola, Florida. “You can only do so much on the phone and Zoom.”  

“I’ve been doing this for quite a number of years, and ever though these shows have drastically changed in the last two years, I think they are very informative,” said Chris Kemp, owner, Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring, with three locations in Georgia. “We try to get our whole staff here. I have seven coming today and seven coming tomorrow. The more you can get your associates to see the product and ask questions, it serves us, the retailer, so much better.”  

To accommodate retailers who can’t attend the roadshow, Mohawk launched a virtual showroom that enables viewers to explore new collections via images and video.

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